Digital health

Soon in our program

Oppa App - mobile application for employees

Oppa App provides a fully guided therapy for patients led by a physiotherapist.
After the workstations audit, the employee receives a set of dedicated exercises prepared by our expert in the mobile application.

Oppa App allows you to monitor the rehabilitation process (the regularity) and allows for ongoing feedback.

The application develops a positive habit of exercising at home, which translates into improved rehabilitation effects.

  • Daily training plan
  • Progress preview
  • Well-being surveys
  • Communication with physiotherapist

Oppa HR Dashboard

A simple web (browser) application dedicated to HR or OHS Team Team providing access to statistics performed by workers. The employer sees how groups and teams are doing in health prevention. In addition, the dashboard provides a grouped preview of well-being surveys report.

The panel allows you to generate reports.

  • Access to statistics
  • Readable data
  • Easy reports download